The House With the Clock in It’s Walls

This book is about how a kids parents die in a car accident. He has to go live with his uncle that is a witch, but he doesn’t know that in the beginning. Lewis hears clocks all night long. When school starts he has no friends. Then one day he was at the baseball field trying to hit a ball with a bat. ¬†Another kid comes over to help him and they become friends. Lewis says his uncle can make the moon eclipse, so the friend ( Tarby) says, ” show me.” A week after they were at a cemetery and Lewis says I bet I can raise the dead. Tarby, again says, “show me.”


Thats as far as I’ve gotten. So far, I am feeling interested about this book, its a mystery kind of book. I will read it some more when I get back in school tomorrow.¬†

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